Privacy Made Private

Meet Obscura: the first VPN that can’t track your activity.

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Complete Privacy

More than just a promise

Even No-Log, RAM-only VPNs can track your activity. Obscura can’t, and has features to go even further. It’s privacy that’s actually private, not just a promise.

Less data, more privacy

We only use the data we need. No names, no emails, no phone numbers, just a randomized account number.

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Pay privately

Pay with Bitcoin. Or use Lightning for instant payments and lower fees.

WireGuard by default

Obscura protects your traffic with the help of WireGuard. Browse securely with the minimum attack surface and state-of-the art encryption.

No Compromises

Privacy, Usability, Speed: Pick all 3

Privacy without borders

Unlike most VPNs, Obscura masks your traffic as an HTTP connection. Meaning you can explore anywhere and everywhere, even on restricted networks like your coworking space or local coffee shop.

Browse seamlessly

Never miss a moment with high-bandwidth, low-latency servers strategically placed in well-connected datacenters.

Switch effortlessly

Have a contract with another VPN? Bring them along. Obscura works with all WireGuard-based VPNs, from Mullvad to Proton.

Frequently asked questions

How is Obscura different from existing VPNs?

Obscura’s design centers around this simple smoke-test: “If someone put a gun to our team, are we able to give them your traffic information?”

Normal VPNs have the capability to track your activity and know your identity, including “no-log” VPNs. This means that users (often unknowingly) are actually trusting their VPN’s pinky-promise that they won’t be tracked. This is also why some privacy-conscious folks will tell you not to use a VPN at all.

Obscura is different. We can’t correlate your traffic and your identity, ever. It’s simply impossible by design. Obscura also works everywhere, whilst normal VPNs don’t work in restrictive or hostile network environments.

What information does Obscura see?

Obscura can only see the IP address you’re connecting from and basic payment information.

We can never correlate that information with your traffic and we never log your IP address.

We actively support private payment methods, like Bitcoin and Lighting.

How can I trust Obscura?

Don’t trust — verify. We’ll be open-sourcing all of our client code so you can look at the source code and verify that we’re doing what we say.

We also have plans to make reproducible builds of our apps, meaning anyone can audit anything and everything we publish.

How is Obscura different from my VPN’s multihop?

Multihop VPNs claim they’re more secure because they direct your traffic through multiple servers. But the same provider still controls all of the servers, which means they can correlate your identity with your traffic.

In Obscura, we only control the first hop and use blind third-party relays for the exit hop. The result is that we can never correlate your identity with your traffic as we don’t even see your traffic in the first place!

How is Obscura’s design different from Tor?

We have immense respect for the Tor project (please donate to the foundation if you can), but its slow speed and frequent network-wide DDoS attacks make it infeasible for everyday use.

Obscura has most of the benefits of connecting via Tor but is optimized for everyday use by being much faster and more reliable.

Can I pay with Bitcoin or Lightning?
I’m a business. Can I offer Obscura to my customers?

Of course. Drop us an email at

A Personal Note

👋 I’m Carl, maker of Obscura. Thanks for reaching the bottom — not everyone makes it.

I’ve been building user-privacy tech my entire career, like securing Bitcoin Core’s reproducible builds system (that's me presenting this work at MIT). I also helped make Bitcoin Core’s consensus engine more modular, allowing for consensus-compliant experimentations.

But whilst privacy and digital sovereignty in some worlds has made leaps and bounds, VPNs have been left behind; peddling privacy based on promises instead of privacy baked into the architecture.

So I’m building Obscura, the first VPN that can’t track your activity or match it to your identity, by design. It’s the VPN I’ve always wanted to use, and it’s the kind of privacy I believe every person should have access to.

Thanks for reading — see you in our tester community.

Carl Dong
“I fight for the users”
Carl speaking at MIT DCI

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